Video Games

According to statistics there are approximately only seventeen percent female characters in video games. Women are underrepresented in video game media and are not represented accurately in the games as well. As a result video games are viewed as a male only source of entertainment and in turn bully female gamers.

Females are objectified in video games and used solely as eye candy throughout the games. In a vast amount of video games there are portrayals of females with huge breasts and unrealistic tiny waists and absolutely minimal clothing. Games like Tomb Raider and Boom Boom Beach Volleyball are prime examples of how characters solely exist to be objectified and sexualized in the games. Even when gaming fans attend comic or gaming conventions girls who choose to participate in cosplay have no choice but to wear clothing like their favorite characters who are scantily clad. Males on the other hand have the option of choosing men dressed comfortably and realistically.

After attending class and learning more about how women gamers are treated I learned that they are victims of verbal bullying while they try to simply play games online and receive sexual harassment on and offline. It is truly unfair that men can play video games undisturbed and unbullied. Video games were created as a source of entertainment and recreation but sadly women are underrepresented in the industry and do not have a voice when females are being misrepresented.

Since gamer gate women have become more vocal about their feminism in video games and have since decided to take action against misrepresentation toward women kind. The cause has since received more attention and support from other women who may not be gamers but do support women in general. It is truly unfortunate the attack on women in video games is not too well known but with the faith that more and more women are joining the industry there is hope yet. I look forward to a huge change in video game culture.


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