The Cat’s Meow

Currently in this day and age as a female you will run into the issue of the assumption of being catty towards any other female, as a result the media loves to create reality shows where women have cat fights, arguments, and all around drama. The main issue however is not that it’s just women but the fact that it is majority women of color.

The connotation behind having a reality show with women constantly bickering and fighting perpetuates the message that women are constantly fighting with each other and cannot get along with each other. Women of color are often times the subject of such reality shows and are marketed as being wives or significant others to men of status. Shows like Basketball Wives, WAGS, and The Real Housewives hype up the fights that the women have.

Aside from the fights and drama that the women on the shows have the status that the women’s relationships are in are always amplified. The relationships that the women are in often times end or are messy filled with infidelity. The problem with the relationships being portrayed as such creates the idea that women of color are drama and often times left for being too much.

If women in reality shows are not being shown to fight or creating drama they are shown as being materialistic. Although the women are wealthy and married to men of status the things that the women buy are played up. The products that are bought are only show cased if they are of high value or superficiality. The women are hardly ever shown as being volunteers or donors or frugal.

Women on reality shows are not what all women of color are or do and shouldn’t be portrayed as such. The education, and other qualities the women have on these shows should be better portrayed and amplified in marketing the show. More so the women should be shown supporting each other more often as all women do in real life.


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