Mental State

Mental health is grossly misrepresented in the media. Often times when a person pursues the choice of taking their life they are not portrayed as such in the media; as well as when a person is caught acting a certain way due to a mental illness.

The media often times inflates its headlines with sensational words shining a negative light on the person and not bringing to light the person’s mental condition and not explaining where a person can get help. As a result people assume any kind of mental health problem should not be discussed and do not seek help. Therefore people who do things like: suicide, attempted suicide, and acting outlandish are perceived as criminals with words like commit associated with such acts.

People with mental illness are underrepresented and sensationalized in the media, thus creating shame and pity. Mental illness sufferers need help and often times do not even know that they are suffering from such an issue until it is too late. The media is a source of information to the masses and should therefore provide sources for help and information about such conditions not propaganda of looking the other way etc.

It is estimated that approximately one in five adults experiences mental illness in a given year, and often times treatment is not sought. I believe that if the media covered mental illness more and shed a more positive light on the subject, there would be more health insurance coverage and more sufferers seeking aid. The fact that the issue is not spoken about creates the notion that the majority of people do not suffer from issues that are mentally involved. If there were attention there would be more demand for better health coverage for the illness.

I hope that with more people being aware that mental illness exists there is a greater chance of there being a voice to help those in need. Every human deserves the chance to be happy and to live a fulfilling life,  I hope with more voices existing people will suffer less in the future. It is solely up to everyone to provide awareness.


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