Being Hispanic

I’m from a South Texas town and moving up to North Texas has brought a lot of things to my attention. My hometown was predominantly Mexican, Hispanic, and even Asian; so whenever a Caucasian person would become enrolled in my school or show up period it was very out of the ordinary. I grew up not being the minority.

Now that I’ve grown and moved out of my hometown I’ve learned that I am not exactly a minority but treated as such. In workplaces I get asked if I speak Mexican or why I don’t have an accent. Such questions would never be asked of me in South Texas. Social situations even bring about the assumption that I love tequila or can make tamales out of scratch; I hate tequila and I can do neither. My feelings were never hurt by these conversations but I could never wrap my mind around why I was singled out culturally.

After attending my RGM class I understood that this isn’t just something I get singled out for but more of a recurring type of thing. It was nice finally having the topic discussed and hearing the opinion of non-Hispanic people. As it turns out it isn’t anything personal just a lack of sensitivity, coming to that conclusion was reassuring but not comforting. The question of how to educate people to approach such a subject is still unanswered. If people choose not to watch certain videos or read certain articles they can never voluntarily learn on their own.

Hopefully with the booming population of Hispanics and Latinos in the United States such an issue will no longer be a subject for discussion in classrooms across the country. Moreover it is the duty of Hispanics and Latinos to educate those around them, it is our duty to make the world a much better environment.



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