Women’s Troubles

Being a woman in America means fearing men, unequal pay, and being objectified. Growing up and constantly being reminded that you are a lady and must act as one, is a burden that all females face. Although it is nice to be considered nice, sweet, and beautiful; women need to be reminded that they are strong and capable as well as being intelligent.

For my project one I focused on the stereotyping seen in the music video and song “Blurred Lines”. ┬áThe music video is full of women acting like they enjoy persistent men who objectify them. There is even a scene where a woman is being walked around like a dog on a leash. The song lyrics are just as controversial, where I know you want it repeatedly sung, downplaying the fact that consent is needed for any kind of sexual advance.

In creating my project paper I had to research statistics about the poor treatment of women and how often they are sexually assaulted. One in five women are raped and you can seldom hear about it in the media. American culture is not okay with talking about women’s troubles. Like menstruation for instance, for years has been somewhat of a myth; until recently some women’s pads commercials have begun using red liquid instead of blue. Slowly but surely menstruation is receiving attention, some sitcoms are even making it a part of their character’s stories and thus making it a subject that reaches living rooms all over the U.S.

Although stereotypes are still prevalent in the media and fashion magazines celebrities are now speaking out about the types of photoshopping they receive and some are even refusing having that done to their magazine covers. Women more than ever are refusing to the be the victims of stereotyping and are making themselves known; whether it be with marches, more natural magazine covers, or by embracing a curvy figure. The future is female and it is only getting better.




Life in America as a minority has never been harder, especially with the new presidency implementing anti-immigration laws. As of late there has been movement to build a wall to block immigrants from reaching the U.S. Mexican border. Although many tax payers will ultimately pay for the construction of such an atrocity some Americans feel it is necessary.

With Donald Trump in office a lot of anti-immigrant, racist, and anti-Semitic believing people, becoming more vocal and attempting to implement their beliefs on the rest of the masses. Recently white terrorism has been on the rise and many minority deaths and attacks have been occurring more frequently. On my other blog post I compared the attention American Indians were receiving to that from the sixty’s, well I feel as though we are honestly travelling back in time.

Racism was supposed to be left behind in history and it’s making a resurgence. People being personally attacked and belittled for simply being nonwhite. The U.S. has become a very hostile place. One cannot help but wonder if it’s safe to even venture outside of their comfort zone in known parts.

In response to all these attacks on minorities there has been a surge in protests all over America. Simply by spreading the word and being active is making people brave enough to stand up for injustice. I myself have even found myself in a situation where I had to educate my coworker about what it truly meant to be a part of the women’s march. Naturally one would assume that a female American woman would be aware of the dangers of losing Planned Parenthood and the inequality in pay women face, but my coworker saw it as unnecessary and a thing that hippies do. Although I didn’t get her to change her mind I was able to speak out about something I truly believed in and it felt amazing to stand for something. I just truly hope that with people being able to learn more and speak out for themselves, that the good will prevail in this country, and not take four damn years.

A Touchy Subject

It’s March eighth and Women’s Day, it is no surprise that the topic of those who keep mother earth close are spoken about in class today, the American Indians. Today the topic of American Indians and how they are constantly fetishized and put down is more prevalent than ever but generations today are finally taking a stand. For example the Dakota Access Pipeline and the recent Indian’s march in Washington this week.

With the marginalized amount of natives in cinema, politics, and media altogether the resurgence of documentaries and protests to rise above the stigma placed upon them by white America is currently helping to educate young Americans. Although American Indians were owners of U.S. land before white men, American textbooks and sport teams neglect to focus on the sensitivity that Native people have about their culture. By whitewashing history, it is important to respect the facts that truly did happen in history where natives were killed and taken advantage of.

In order to combat the insensitivity from white America, tribes from all over the U.S. are suing the government and protesting unjust treatment. By taking such a stand and even gaining negative backlash from right wing politicians, American masses are now becoming more aware of native issues and taking an interest in American Indian culture

Being a person of native american descent I find it amazing to even be hearing anything about Natives at all in the media. I consider it a wonderful privilege to be able to witness Native Americans receiving the spotlight they had when The Massacre at Wounded Knee happened in the sixty’s. But I am also saddened at the fact that after hundreds of years Natives are still facing unjust treatment by the U.S. government. I surely do hope that the future holds more change in a more positive spectrum for indigenous peoples.