Race and Ethnicity 

With the media forever romanticizing white males as well as being white or male, I believe it is no wonder that society is starting to realize this atrocity. The majority of the U.S. is now of many different ethnicities as opposed to being predominantly white. The white majority is no longer a reality.

Newsrooms are slowly becoming more diverse as well as broadcast news. But as race diversity is progressing, gender is not.  Women forever have had to face the choice of being a bitch or a socially accepted woman. It is because of this type of criticism that sometimes discourages women from being strong or determined in the workplace and society. When the world is watching it can be harder for women in media to overcome such obstacles set by men. Not only is pay, a factor to worry about, but so is being sexualized. Currently the media portrays women as something pretty to look at and not as serious media figures like their male counterparts.

Women are brainwashed to see each other as competition and are pitted against in the media. Whenever two women are doing well a disharmony is always incited to create a type of competition between the two. Women always have trouble being able to support other women. It truly is now wonder why women often times see each other as the enemy.

Some media outlets are becoming more proactive in hiring more females but the progression is surely slow. Some ethnic groups have resorted to creating their own media outlets but in doing so, they only cater to similar groups, thus never reaching the masses and achieving the same status as white media.

With the benefit of society becoming more awake, there is possibly a light at the end of the tunnel of oppression to minorities.