Another blog post

Race today is a hot topic and I find myself learning more about it everyday. It’s truly a privilege to learn and become more aware of the world I live in. Unfortunately I find myself fighting my urge to educate my peers occasionally. How can we educate each other and try to be responsible as a society when there is so much hate and misunderstanding that it often times prevents people from learning? I hope as this Race, Gender and the Media course unfolds, I find a way to approach this social issue. In class after watching White Like Me, I can’t help but wonder how the author had the energy to stand up to so many argumentative people. I say argumentative because people so dead set in their ways make it very hard to approach them. I’m a lover not a fighter, so I can’t really see myself applying that method in my everyday life. In doing so I feel like a hypocrite. I hope to counter act these feelings by becoming more involved in student organizations that seek to eliminate such issues.

Normally I’m not very comfortable speaking about social issues, but with this past election I’ve gained a new reason to voice my opposition of racism and hatred. So when I stepped into the first class meeting of my Race,Gender and the Media class, I felt it was no surprise to learn that the majority of media is controlled by white people. I found it troubling to know that the now minority white have control to stereotype the majority which is ethnic. At the end of the day I found myself being haunted with the question of how does a superpower like the media learn to become more ethnically diverse? How do our newsrooms and writers become more colorful?